Prestressed Strand Tensioning Precautions

1, the effect of template stent

Due to the application of prestress, concrete will inevitably produce elastic deformation, while the axial deformation and up and down direction of the deflection. If the tension when the axial contraction and deflection, it will make the concrete to produce unexpected cracks, while the quality of the accident. Tianjin steel wire manufacturers to introduce, therefore, before the tension must be removed on the beam bearing the axial contraction of the beam side of the template, remove the bearing around the movable bearing in the direction of the movement and rotation, and the fixed support The rotation of the seat has a constraint on the template and the bracket.

2, broken wire, slippery wire treatment

During the construction process, due to operational errors or jack pressure is not accurate or installation error of the anchor, clip quality and other reasons, sometimes broken wire and slip wire situation. When the broken wire or the number of skins does not exceed the specification value, you can use the super-tension way to make up the stress, if more than the specification value must be unloaded, replace the steel beam. Tianjin steel wire manufacturer pointed out that this treatment must be careful to ensure quality and safety.

3, make up the stress treatment

According to the number of broken wire to determine the value of the stress loss, by increasing the stress of other wire to make up the loss caused by broken wire, but in any case shall not make the steel wire stress to 0.8Rb, or must replace the steel beam.

4, the channel grouting

Tianjin steel wire manufacturers pointed out that the prestressed pipe grouting work in the post-tensioning members play a pivotal role: to prevent the prestressed steel corrosion; the prestressed steel and concrete effectively bonded to achieve the overall stress effect, The carrying capacity of the body; reduce the load of the anchorage system. Therefore, it is necessary to attach great importance to the quality of grouting, and the slurry required to be pressed into the pipe should be reliably compact after knitting, and it can play a protective role of prestressed tendons, and also have some bonding strength and shear strength In order to effectively transfer the prestress to the surrounding concrete.

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