Static loading test of steel strand

The steel wire is made of multiple steel wire twisted steel products, Tianjin steel wire manufacturers, carbon steel surface can be added according to the need of galvanized layer, zinc-aluminum alloy layer, including aluminum, copper, epoxy Resin and so on.

With the development of the project, the prestressed concrete has been widely used. In the process of applying prestressing to the prestressed concrete structure, whether it is the temporary fixation of the prestressed steel or the permanent anchorage of the prestressed concrete, Need to have an anchor or fixture, so the anchor fixture is to ensure that the prestressed concrete structure is one of the key factors of safety and reliability, Tianjin steel wire manufacturers pointed out that they must meet the force safe and reliable, prestressed loss is small, easy to fast stretch And so on. Anchor fixture should have a safe and reliable anchoring performance, adequate carrying capacity and good applicability to ensure the full play of the strength of prestressed tendons, and safely achieve the prestressed tensioning operation, anchorage static load test is the test Anchorage quality of the most important test, it can comprehensively reflect the anchor plate hardness, strength, anchorage capacity and other aspects of performance.

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