Comparison of Prestressed Strand and Galvanized Steel Strand

Steel wire is now widely used, and it is also divided into many types, Tianjin steel wire manufacturers today to come to explain for you about the prestressed steel strand and galvanized steel strand differences, for everyone in the future election Buy and apply a more clear understanding!

Prestressed steel strand is generally made of two or more high-strength steel wire twisted, to eliminate its stress, applied to the project. It has a high strength, good relaxation and other characteristics, in the open when the wire is more straight, generally the common tensile strength level of 1860 MPa, at the same time the yield strength of this strand is also high.

Galvanized steel strand is also made of multiple wire twisted, Tianjin steel wire manufacturers pointed out that the composition of the steel products are often used in the tie of the bridge, and in other cable and in vitro stress engineering Will use galvanized steel strand.

Prestressed steel strand in the production process, most of the use of high-end carbon steel wire rod, through the necessary skills for surface treatment, the carbon steel wire rods made of cold drawn wire, in the production requirements in accordance with the specific structure of the strand , Can be a certain number of steel wire twisted into shares, and to eliminate the stability of its stress, made of qualified products. In order to increase the bond force of the strand and the concrete, in the production of steel wire, it can be engraved on the surface of the steel track, so that the structural steel can be more compact, more suitable anchor grip.

Tianjin steel strand manufacturers pointed out that the other prestressed steel widely used in the progress of engineering or nuclear power and other projects, and galvanized steel strand is often used to support the cable, to strengthen the core, cable, etc., can also be used as overhead transmission The bottom line and the road at both ends of the blocking cable and so on. But should pay attention to whether it is to buy what kind of strand to the regular manufacturers, to focus on the quality of the strand, the surface can not have stacked marks, broken, scratched and other issues.

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