What are the important roles of steel strands?

With the continuous development of China's construction industry, more and more projects will be used to steel products, Tianjin Bridge steel Xiaobian said, but for most people, they may not have heard and used This building material is mainly because they have not come into contact with this industry, but as a new century people, should broaden their careers, increase their knowledge, so for this strand of the relevant content, you should look good A look, increase your product knowledge.

So what is the strand? In fact, the strand is made of many root wire twisted products, and then look at the surface can now add galvanized layer, can also be designed for the package aluminum layer, another copper layer of the strand is also very common, and specific Application, look at the following description.

The role of strand:

More and more projects will use the galvanized steel strand, for this feeling, the general will be used as cable and cable to use, and to a certain extent, but also as an overhead transmission of the ground, in some On the road in the wild, it will also use the strand as a blocking cable, or as a structural cable in the city building. In addition, the strand is divided into many categories, including unbonded steel strand, prestressed steel strand, mining strand, bridge steel wire, etc., these are based on specific use to of.

Now the general steel wire are uncoated, there are galvanized products, for the form of expression, will be in the bridge or water conservancy project is widely used, not only the physical and chemical properties are very stable, and the cost is relatively low , Is the preferred material for many works.

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